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  • F1 Series Frame Debut

F1 Series Frame Debut

This weekend, the Buckle and Tom debuted the EKG F1 Series race frames in Phoenix at the USA BMX Winter Nationals. Reports and feedback are very positive and as we create the official page […]

  • The EKG Race Frame…Coming Very Soon!

The EKG Race Frame…Coming Very Soon!

2:47 am. Let’s be real. Straight talk. No fancy bullshit. All aluminum frames are heat treated. T6 is a condition. Aluminum is aluminum. Aircraft/Aerospace aluminum is aluminum. No tricky wording here. Just like anything […]

  • EKG Energy Drink

EKG Energy Drink

The EKG Energy Drink is a single serving beverage aimed to give you a boost before riding, a workout or even a study session. Click here for more details…

Buckle Bars

Buckle Bar…the bar that started it all. This is the same bend that has made it to multi national titles and countless podiums. Aggressive bends and box design for improved gates, straights and cornering. Also a great trails bar! Available in 4 pro sizes.


Energy…we wanted an energy drink that minimized the “spike” and “crash” effect that other drinks may cause. We offer a single serving, 8.4 oz energy drink that has a more subtle effect. Available in Leaded (Regular) and Unleaded (Suger-Free).


Apparel…Hats, T-shirts and even Race Jerseys. We offer a variety of apparel with more to come.